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New books and I am so behind

I am so behind and I apologize for not keeping my blog up to date. I have been so busy. These books have been out for a while and I added the newest series The Tale of Christmas Eve. I am currently working on a couple new books and those of you who have purchased […]

Toxic Love

Well it’s finally here the next book in the Matson Creek Series. There are a few treats in the book along with some exciting things. Maggie has some decisions to make. Rebecca and Bronson return to Heaven’s Gate ( surprise) I will be adding to the Oregon Trail Series with a new book of Rebecca’s […]

The Captains Quest

I know you have all been waiting patiently and I appreciate all the good thoughts that I have received. As you know I had some surgery done and well it has been a recouping time for me. I was able to write while recouping so hopefully you will be seeing a couple more finished books […]

Long Journey Home

Sorry it has taken so long for those who love actual books in their hands. I released the book version of Long Journey Home for you. I am working on both the Captains Quest and Toxic Love at this time. I know it has been a wait but I think you will like how the […]


Thank you all for all the support that you have given to me. As I field through my health issues I continue to write maybe not as fast as before but I will not give up on my dream. I am currently working on both The Captains Quest and Toxic Love. The Long Journey Home will […]

Captains Quest

Been working steadily on the Captains Quest. It is going to have Lizzie’s journey to Virginia where she has her baby.  Her and Charlie will settle in to this little community close to the ocean. They make a few friends and Lizzie moves on assuming that the Captain is dead. No one has heard or seen […]

It is finally done. Book 3 in Matson Creek Series

It should be available today. I am glad to announce. It was a struggle with everything that was going on, but I finished it. I hope you enjoy this one. I am working on two books right now. Toxic Love – Maggie’s continuing story along with a couple other twists, and Captains Quest in the […]

Finally the 3rd book for Matson Creek is in its final stages

I finally finished the book that I know you have all been waiting patiently for. I have my part-time editor and critic going over it. I apologize that it has taken this long. I don’t think you will be disappointed by it. It is much longer than the last books so I guess you win […]

Preview of new books coming out.

I am working hard on the two new books. Matson Creek series 3 will be the first to come out. Although I am working on both it is sometimes hard to go back and forth so I decided that I am concentrating first on Long Journey Home. There will be some surprises for Maggie and […]

I wanted to update my fans for the reason it has been so long since my last book. I have had some health issues that have required a lot of my time. Testing and probing etc. This week should be the last of all the testing I hope, then my annual cancer visit to end […]