I wanted to update my fans for the reason it has been so long since my last book. I have had some health issues that have required a lot of my time. Testing and probing etc. This week should be the last of all the testing I hope, then my annual cancer visit to end out the year.

Last month my sweet Tonia lost her battle with a horrible disease Crohn’s. She always wanted to right a book a fiction story about someone who suffered with Crohn’s using  her experience. but her illness took so much from her that she was never able to. She started it a million times  in fact we were working on a book cover for it while she lay in the hospital bed. I told her I would write it for her, but she wanted to do it herself.  Her journey was hard and long and ended far too soon so now I will be the one to write it for her. At least her journey with our family. I am working on the new book to Matson Creek I have a few more chapters to go so hopefully it will be out by the New Year. Next will be the captains while I work on that  short fiction that will dedicated to Tonia. I lost my sweet adopted daughter but she will forever live in my heart. She will never know how much I loved her. nor will she know what a wonderful part she played in our family. She was one of the strongest women I know and deserves a tribute to her life. I will update you all on the books as soon as I can.
Keep Dreaming…

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