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The Silent Winds of Pine Grove – Newest book out

Well this one finishes the Million Dollar Series.  I hope that you all enjoy the ending. Sorry it took so long. I try but working a fulltime job and writing don’t always mix. Working on two new books now. The finish for the second part of Oregon Series and starting a new Mail Order Bride […]

The Valentines Day Secret

As usual life has gotten in the way of my writing and finishing this book on time. I apologize I really wanted it out and ready today but… Life has a way of getting involved and blocking the best of plans. I am working on it but it will still be a little while.  In […]

Newest books out there for your enjoyment

I have been behind that is for sure. Experienced a computer crash that has delayed a few things but I did manage in the last month to put 0ut Forever Choices and Reunited. Forever Choices is the 5th book in the continuation of Matson Creek leading you back to the original series of Heaven’s Gate.  […]

Reunited at last

Well, Finally Reunited is finished all28 chapters of it. It is definitely one of my longest books and the end?? of the Ravenswood Manor series (at least for now.) You will know what I mean once you read it. The Captain and his entourage can return at any time.  I hope you enjoy it. It […]

Reunited is finally done in e-book status

I finally finished the e-book version of Reunited. Still working on the paperback version hopefully it will be available soon. I had a few glitches with the new system that I am working with. I hope you enjoy this one. I am now working on finishing the next book in the Matson Creek Series and […]

New books and I am so behind

I am so behind and I apologize for not keeping my blog up to date. I have been so busy. These books have been out for a while and I added the newest series The Tale of Christmas Eve. I am currently working on a couple new books and those of you who have purchased […]