Hi to all my Fans

It has been a couple weeks since I last posted. I am sorry for such a delay. I like to keep everyone updated on things.  I have had a few medical issues that I have had to do a lot of testing in the last couple weeks. So far everything seems to be ok. My sister had her surgery for breast cancer yesterday, that was postponed due to IRMA raging through Florida. I pray that everyone down there is getting back to some sense of normalcy. Most of my friends and family were without power for over a week. I can’t imagine something like that lasting so long. It’s funny how we all get so used to what we call the simple things.  Makes you wonder how people ever survived without it. How did the writers write without the help of computers? I remember typing on an old typewriter and not an electric one either. Showing my age but it is amazing to see the way things have evolved around us.

I am writing away again. Doing that double duty trying to write two books at once. That is a challenge. I hope you are all enjoying Rescuing the Captain and look forward to the next.

Once again, keep believing and go out there and catch your dream.



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