Happy Birthday America

I certainly hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe Fourth of July.

America the land of the free and home of the brave. To all the Viet Nam Vets, “Thank You for your Service.”  I came from the era Viet Nam and so many of my high school friends were drafted into the service. They came back to nothing and they received nothing but heartbreak when they returned.  Thank You  for serving our country.

I want to say a special “Thanks” to them this Fourth of July.  As we celebrate the holiday with our fireworks and food take time to say a prayer for all of those men and women who served and who continue to serve our country. They are the Hero’s

Just a few still here, and some gone but not forgotten . Eddie, Rod, Billy, Darryl, Rudy, Preston, Eugene, Ian, Desiree, Lori, John, Lee. These are just a few of those people close to my heart who served in Viet Nam, Desert Storm and Iraq/Iran and some are still serving now.

Thanks for your service and for allowing all of us to Catch our Dreams in a Free America.


Love you all!!!!


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