Happy Mother’s Day

I am hoping that all the mother’s, mothers to be, grandma’s and great grandma’s had a wonderful day. It is wonderful to celebrate the women in our lives.

Mom’s are a precious commodity. They are not around forever but we remember all that they have done and sacrificed for us. I miss getting to pick up the phone and talk to mine, so those of you who have your mom’s around treasure them while you can.

I took this weekend off from writing to just celebrate with my children and my adopted children. Somewhere along the way I have adopted a lot of kids and I love it. It reminds me of what we as mothers are meant to be. We lead and guide the younger generation. We hold them up and tell them that things will get better somewhere along the way. We are encouragers and leaders teaching the mothers of the future what it means.

So have a great Mother’s day and celebrate it all week long teaching our children to strive to catch their dream…

Have a good week.


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