Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog.

This is the place where thoughts can be shared.

As excited as I am to share my new book releases and events with all of you. I am anxious to hear your thoughts about what I have written. If you have ideas or are hoping for a couple to get together share that with me. You never know what might happen.

I love writing, and I hope that you are all willing to share your thoughts with me. You never know when something you suggest  just might end up in one of my books. Stories come from life so I say  live each day to the fullest and let your story come alive.

I hope you are enjoying what I have written so far, so keep posting, and letting me know what you like.  In my first series Oregon Valley I introduced a secondary couple Roy and Maggie a troubled couple who although in love they allow their stubbornness to make everything go wrong for them. In Matson creek series the story revolves around the Roy, Maggie and Parker triangle. I was surprised at how many readers have been so vocal about who they want Maggie to end up with.  I currently have rival cheerleaders for team Roy, and team Parker going on. My readers are sending me messages about who should win the heart of Maggie. The story isn’t over so let me know what you think. Each one still has a chance for romance with Maggie so let’s see who wins out in the end. Be sure to let me know your choice.  Then we will all wait to see who she chooses.


Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to catch your dream!


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