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Leanna Rosalee

Leanna Rosalee

Mail Order Bride Series Book 1


Leanna Rosalie was young and beautiful. Her life in Louisiana seemed perfect. She love it there the Mardi Gra, the music, the Cajun food, everything about her life seemed perfect. Suddenly everything changed and she found her self alone and vulnerable. Her father was in business with a very wealthy Caleb Calloway. Her mother was a prominent seamstress whose gowns were always in demand. It didn't take Leanna very long to realize that she was the pawn in the whole scenario. Her father disappeared at sea, and she witnessed her mother's murder by the cruel hands of Caleb Calloway. He made it very clear that she was now his possession and that she would do whatever he wanted. Callie was the local saloon girl. She watched as Caleb brutalized Leanna. She couldn't let this go on it was like reliving her own story. She was determined that she was going to save Leanna at all costs. With the help of Father Michel she would get Leanna out of town, but the only way out was to become a mail order bride. Callie and her friend Rex had a little business on the side regarding mail order brides. She knew Rex would protect Leanna at all costs just like he had tried to protect her. So Callie sent Leanna right into the arms of one handsome bachelor Rex Walker.

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