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Elizabeth Anne

Elizabeth Anne

Mail Order Bride Series book 3


Elizabeth Anne was to marry Christopher Cain, a prominent Boston businessman. Elizabeth did not quite enthuse Christophers' family. Her insistence on being called Betsy and her bold attitude of saying what she thought about everything annoyed Christopher's mother. She insisted that Elizabeth needed some grooming before marrying her son.
All Betsy wanted to do was escape this fate that her mother had made for her, so she decided she would be brave and follow in the footsteps of her best friend, Olivia. She was the one that had convinced Olivia to go and become a mail-order bride. Would that work for her?
She would contact Leanna Walker, the name on the flyer that she had given to Olivia. She wasn't sure she wanted to become a mail-order bride, but it couldn't hurt to look. She sent a message to Leanna and Olivia and got on a stage heading to California, searching for an adventure and hoping to find love along the way.

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