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Cassidy Lane

Cassidy Lane

Mail Order Bride Series book 7


Cassidy Lane worked hard and sacrificed for her family. Her mother died when she and her twin brother Chase were young. Besides her father and Chase, Cassidy had two other brothers; the oldest was Lance, whom her father seemed to favor, and then there was the youngest, Craig, to whom Cassidy was more like a mother than a sister. When Cassidy was old enough, she started working at the local saloon. Her father disapproved however she knew that the family needed the money to survive. The farm her father bought produced more rocks than crops, so she sacrificed and did what she felt needed to be done. Every day seemed to be the same. She woke up, cleaned the house, cooked, and fed her family. At night she worked at the saloon. That was until the night she met Reese and Quin McConnahay. While fascinated by the fact that they were identical twins and she couldn't tell them apart, they soon led her and her brother Chase into an adventure involving murder, running from the law, and eventually love.

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