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Abigail Lyn

Abigail Lyn

Mail Order Bride Series book 6


Major Clancy did his best to raise Abigail after the death of his wife.  Her womanly skills left a bit to be desired having been raised by military men in a Fort in the middle of Indian Territory. When her father was ordered to return to Washington D.C. for a promotion Abigail found that there were quite a few things that she was not prepared for one of them being her mother's family. Her initial excitement of meeting them was soon crushed. Instead of being accepted with open arms her mother's family was appalled and angry when they realized that the only womanly skills Abigail knew were taught to her by Yellow Flower a person, they considered a savage Indian. When her father was ordered to go on a mission to California, he decided that this time Abbie should not go with him but stay with her mother's family instead. Abbie's cousin Kristina was beautiful and elegant and engaged to the handsomest man Abbie had ever seen Lieutenant Shawn O'Malley a Calvary officer like her father. It is there that Abbie's real adventure begins.

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