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Forever Choices

Forever Choices

Oregon Valley Matson Creek Series Book 10


Maggie must finally make a decision. She has three men in her life and one of them will soon be revealed to be the father of her baby. Her choice this time must be a Forever Choice so she has to get it right.
Bronson her best friend from high school has suddenly appeared after all these years proclaiming his continual love. He saw her through what she thought were the darkest days of her life. This reunion was unexpected and one drunken night of passion that she can't even remember puts him into the mix.
Her unusual marriage to Daniel left her alone pregnant with twins, that is where Parker came in. He was chosen by Red Hawk her father in law to teach her children the ways of the Indian, Her son Matson is in line to be the next chief. She could never bring herself to marry Parker although he stayed with her to help her raise her twins.
Maggie's miscarriage, and the revelation that Mollie although a twin belonged to Roy was more than Parker could handle. He suddenly disappeared with no one knowing where he went. After several years he suddenly reappeared and wither it was a moment of weakness, or just loneliness that moment now put Parker in the running.
Then there was Roy. Sparks and passion flew between them from the moment Rebecca introduced them years ago. Rebecca's brother in law was a wealthy, arrogant, lawyer, playboy who left her for money, greed and a wealthy socialite fiance who could give him all the things he desired most. He returned saying that he was wrong, that he loves her and Mollie, and has even changed his lifestyle just to try and win her over. As much as she wants to say there is nothing between them passion, opportunity, and the Sacred Hot Spring keep bringing them back together. The correct choice may be obvious to everyone but Maggie.

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