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Toxic Love

Toxic Love

Oregon Valley Matson Creek Series Book 9


Maggie has some decisions to make. She knows that Titon will not win and if she doesn’t race Storm she will lose her ranch, but she has to be the one to ride him, and she can’t in her condition. Redemption Camp did well for its first year, but it didn’t bring in enough money to cover all the expenses. Brad and Bronson put up the money for the Bed and Breakfast but it just opened and she had to pay them back. She has to figure out how to make all the ends meet before all the bills come due. Bronson is far too willing to help her out. She knows he will want something in exchange after all doesn’t everyone have some kind of agenda.
Then there was the baby. She has to choose a father and she has to commit to one of them. She was always a free spirit, in fact that was why she never married Parker, but she knew that all her children needed a father that they could count on. She had to choose the right one. After all just looking at the choice Brad had made with Rita was enough to make anyone cringe. She had to be extremely careful in whom she chose. She could only hope that Cammy was strong enough to put Rita in her place.
Mac and Cheyenne were on the way to matrimony, but she wants to put everything on hold, and keep it secret. Mac wonders why all the secrecy. Then she suddenly just disappears without a word.
Brook and Bailee were heading home and saying goodbye to their father when a limousine pulls up and out stepped their mother. This was a confrontation that Mac was not going to enjoy.

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