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The Tale of Christmas Eve

The Tale of Christmas Eve

Million Dollar Series - Book # 1


David Kelsey the third was tired of the jet set life he had been living. His newest goal was to try and connect with the father who abandoned him and his brother to a nanny when their mother died. It was a big change for David as he went from a college party animal like his brother Matthew to being a part of his Grandfathers legacy. Working in the mega bookstore business was definitely not his heart’s desire. It just happened to be the only way to connect with his father. To try and gain his fathers love he would sacrifice his love for architecture, and move on to putting some new life into the old bookstore business. That is until his grandfather decides to send him on an impossible mission to the small town of Pine Grove.

Eve was a small town girl. She lived in Pine Grove her entire life. She was eighteen when both of her parents died suddenly. The unanswered questions regarding their death is what motivated her to become a physician, and with the help and encouragement of old Doc Johnson she managed to achieve that goal. The one thing that she could not seem to move past was the fact that she lost her parent’s farm to foreclosure. The old farm sits on the edge of town just past the hospital. She passes by it everyday, and all the memories haunt her thoughts and dreams. All she can think of is getting it back, but the cost of her education was a bit overwhelming, and the money tight. She is determined to get the farm back from the greedy hands of city hall, while they strive to sell it to the highest bidder and turn it into concrete condo’s.

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