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The Sign of A Warrior

The Sign of A Warrior

Oregon Valley Matson Creek Series


Alexis life is changing rapidly. Her mother and stepfather sit her down and tell her that the father she believed was dead all these years is alive. All this time Mason Longbow has been living in a village on the other side of a cave.

Heaven's Gate has always been off limits to her and her brother. She never knew why it was just a piece of land above thier cabin.
Now they are telling her that they are leaving their home and heading to this village. She was not so excited about this move. She wasn't sure how you meet a father that you have thought was dead. She was angry, and wasn't sure she could ever trust anyone, especially her mother.

While collecting wood for the campfire Alexis stumbles upon several Indian warriors. She listens as they talk. The one Indians voice seemed so familiar to her. When he says he has been searching years for his wife Rebecca and his daughter. That he will kill Braxton Hawk if he ever sees him for taking them away. She thinks this man is her father. Braxton stole her from him. She is so sure, but she wants answers and this warrior has those answers.

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