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Return to Heaven’s Gate

Return to Heaven’s Gate

Oregon Valley Series Book 6


Braxton wants to return home. He tells Rebecca that her father is ill and that the family needs to Return to Heaven's Gate. Rebecca doesn't want to leave her friends, but the responsibility of being the eldest of a tribal leader is also something she cannot put aside because of her feelings. It is her duty to follow him back. Taking Alexis and Jaxson to a land where they live in tepee's and where your life is in constant danger is not what she wants to do, but her loyalty to her father must be foremost. Her fear of how Alexis was going to react when she would once again meet her real father Mason was also bearing down on her. Mason had another family how would he react to seeing his daughter once more, now grown up? She wondered if Braxton had even thought of these things. Of course not. His feelings had been detached and firm. They would return and that was the end of the discussion.
Braxton had much more information than he had revealed to Rebecca. If he told her of these things she would never return with him, but return they must. One of those things was that Wanape had not died the night he rescued Rebecca and Alexis from Chief Kawanee's tribe. He was still alive and dangerous, but even more than that Wanape had looking for Rebecca and Alexis the family that had been taken from him. It would be a tribal war, but this was his battle, and he must be there to lead and protect his people. Her return would give their tribe the courage needed to win.

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